October 18, 2017

Database management System (DBMS)

Introduction :

  1. Database Basic
  2. Database Model 

Entity Relationship Model :

  1. ER Model Basic
  2. Types of Attributes in DBMS with Example ER MODEL 
  3. Types of Relationships in ER Diagram
  4. Relationship Constraints in DBMS
  5. ER Model Entity
  6. Identifying and Non Identifying Relationships
  7. Aggregation, Generalization and Specialization in DBMS
  8. How to draw ER Diagram 

Relational Model :

  1. Relational Model Introduction
  2. keys and codd rule in DBMS
  3. ER Model to Relational Model Mapping 

Relational Algebra :

  1. Introduction
  2. Operators in Relational Algebra

Functional Dependencies :

  1. Functional Dependencies Introduction 
  2. Functional Dependency inference rules
  3. Closure of Attributes
  4. Equivalence of Sets of Functional Dependencies
  5. Find Super Key From Functional Dependencies
  6. Find Candidate Key using Functional Dependencies
  7. Minimal Sets of Functional Dependencies
  8. Prime and Non Prime Attributes in DBMS

Normalisation :

  1. Needs of Normalisation
  2. 1NF – First Normal Form
  3. 2NF – Second Normal Form
  4. 3NF – Third Normal Form
  5. BCNF – Boyce – Codd Normal Form
  6. 4NF – Forth Normal Form
  7. 5NF – Fifth Normal Form

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