July 27, 2017

Campus coder – A Campus Ambassador Program by CODERSFIELD

Do you want to join with us? If yes, you are at the right place!!

About the Program: The CoderField program will be a platform for the students passionate for coding and very active in programming competitions, clubs and activities around the campus. Being one of the largest placement preparation portal for software job aspirants, CoderField is now planning to develop communities around campuses.

Benefits of joining CoderField Campus Ambassador program:

  • Work Experience Certificate to all eligible candidates on successful completion of one year program
  • LinkedIn recommendation to all eligible candidates after completion of program
  • You can credit yourself as a Campus Ambassador of CodeField in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs, Facebook pages, personal pages etc.
  • Help to Develop skills like marketing and management.



  • Digital marketing (managing college specific FB page, emails, Whatsapp etc.)
  • Conducting workshops  and seminars in your college.
  • Involve students from first to final year to actively participate in CoderField activities and contributions. Contributions can be manifold like:
    • Articles
    • Technical blogs
    • Projects
    • New programming problems
    • Interview experiences
    • Videos
    • InfoGraphics
    • Programming codes etc
  • Connect us to programming clubs 

Who can apply?
Students having strong leadership and immense love for coding and who are from computer science branch or and other programming related branch , a stuff in short are most welcome to become our extending arms in your campus.


if have any query write us [email protected] .